初期伊万里 吹き墨 うさぎ

《 NO. 》 NO.  mp0054
《 寸法:㎝ 》 Size (㎝) 
直径 19,6-19,8cm
《 価格 》 Price:  お問い合わせください。
《 時代 》 Period: 1630−40年頃1630-40
《 状態など 》 Description
有名な初期伊万里の吹き墨のうさぎです。甘手で、大きな直しは金ではなく銀で直してあります。染付の時は金より銀の方が直しが目立たなくて良いですね。満身創痍の皿ですが、それでも初期のうさぎの良さは変わらず、魅力的です。 Hizen Ware Early Imari (Shoki) Plate with Rabbit and Moon Design, 1630s/1640s.
The circular dish with narrow rim on ring foot is decorated in underglaze blue with a hare and moon among the stars. This dish is an excellent example of early Japanese porcelain made at the Tengudani kiln in Arita.
The hare and moon were created with a paper stencil and then covered with blown ink (Fukizumi) and then outlined in cobalt-blue. Similar model owned by British Museum (
The hare theme is the most coveted design among collectors, thus the old repair in kinsugi, gold powder mixed with silver.

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